2019 Street Improvement Updates

July 12, 2019

Construction has begun on this year’s street improvement project which covers the Partridge Estates and Heather Ridge neighborhoods. The improvements include miscellaneous storm sewer/sanitary sewer/water main repairs and replacement, replacement of isolated sections of structurally damaged curb and gutter, repaving of the asphalt pavement section, and installation of uniform street lighting. It also includes replacing the top surface of pavement on Helmo Avenue from 15th Street to Upper 23rd Street.
T.A. Schifsky & Sons, Inc. is the Contractor for this project. They have successfully completed many similar projects for the City.  This work will be done in phases by area to help minimize disruption. All project work is scheduled to be complete by early September.

Project Areas:

Current and Planned Work

Partridge Estates Area

  • Lighting work in this area has begun with the installation of the new wiring system.
  • Boulevard sodding will be done after the lighting work is complete.

Heather Ridge Area

  • The first layer of asphalt on Heather Ridge Road and Heather Circle has been paved.
  • The next set of streets have been reclaimed into gravel (Hayward Road, Heather Ridge Road from Hayward to 46th Street, Heather Way, 46th Street and 46th Street Court).  Spot curb replacement and concrete driveway patching is being done now.  New concrete drives cannot be driven on for about a week so parking will need to be on the street or elsewhere. The first layer of asphalt paving is planned for July 24 depending upon weather.
  • A pipe crew is continuing work on storm sewer repairs and has about one more week of work left.
  • The Dog Park on Helena Road is closed now until about the end of July.  Improvements are being made to the including installation of a drinking fountain, installation of parking lot curb and pavement, and installation of a storm water treatment raingarden. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is for the safety of people and their pets while this work is done. 
  • City crews plan are continuing replacement of the play equipment at Oakfield Park.  This will take about one more week to complete.
  • Excel Gas crews have finished the gas main and service replacement work.  This work is separate from the City project work. Excel plans to begin their own grass restoration with seeding in late July. 

Helmo Avenue mill & overlay

  • This work will begin next Monday. Storm sewer repairs, spot replacement of concrete curb and gutter and street lighting will be done first, and then the top layer of asphalt pavement will be milled and repaved in early August.
As construction progresses, please use caution traveling within the project area.  Also, please do not park vehicles on the street from 7AM to 7PM within the project area unless instructed to by the Contractor to accommodate driveway work. This will help the Contractor to work more efficiently, and will create a safer work zone. Thank you, as always, for your ongoing patience and cooperation.
If there are any questions or comments regarding the project, please contact one of the following people:
  • Joe Meemken, 651-724-5588, On Site Project Representative, SEH
  • Jeff Thene, 651-490-2049, Sr. On Site Project Representative, SEH
  • Brian Bachmeier, 651-730-2730, Oakdale Public Works Director/City Engineer
  • Todd Blank, 651-490-2017, Project Manager, SEH
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