Chicken Keeping


Thursday, November 4, 2021

6:30 to 8 PM


Discovery Center




Call 651-747-3860 to reserve your spot.


We’ll discuss the pros and cons of keeping chickens, highly efficient coop design and costs, ordinance compliance, neighbors, and where to get chickens. Did you know almost no commercially available coops are adequate for Minnesota winters?

Come learn dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to make it easy, efficient, safe, sanitary, odor free, solve rooster noise problems, egg storage, low cost, and an efficient coop construction designed precisely for Minnesota winters that always stays above freezing (no heating of water, no frozen eggs) for $5 to $10 per year.  

Instructor Les Larson has raised chickens, pigeons, and doves for many years. Les will be available for a half-hour after class to take questions.

Two children observe three chickens inside a classroom