Home Energy Squad Intercity Challenge

Help us reduce our community’s energy use and save energy by joining the Intercity Challenge. Compete with your neighbors and other cities in MN!

Oakdale has joined other metro cities to promote home energy efficiency to help residents lower their energy bills and increase home comfort.

Our challenge to you – sign up for a free virtual Home Energy Squad® visit this year to learn more about your home’s energy use and opportunities to save. 

Our goal is to be the city that completes the most number of visits per capita in 2020 to help save energy and reduce our carbon footprint. 

The Home Energy Squad is usually delivered as an in-person home visit. To help Minnesotans save energy while also staying safe at home, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy are currently offering free Virtual Home Energy Squad visits. During a virtual visit an energy consultant will guide customers on a walk-through assessment of their homes via video chat. Homeowners will receive energy saving tips to start saving energy right away and recommendations for next steps that may include an in-person visit and the installation of energy saving products.

Call Center for Energy and Environment at 651-328-6220 to learn more or sign up online