Utility Payment Delinquency

Past Due Utility Bills

If you received a past due utility bill, that means your most recent payment due was not applied to your account and your payment is due upon receipt of past due bill. If you question the reason for receiving a past due bill, please contact the Utility Billing Department as soon as possible. Whether it be a lost payment, missed payment, etc., we will work with you to straighten the matter out. There is a five percent late fee added to your account balance if a payment is made after the due date. Residential bills are due on the 20th of a particular month, depending on your billing cycle. Commercial bills are due on the 30th of each month.

Water Service Shut Off

Twice a year, the City shuts water service off at the curb to those who are delinquent on their utility bill. You will be notified if water service to your property is scheduled to be discontinued. Should your water be shut off, you will be required to pay your past due balance in full.  Your service will then be reinstated during work week hours and an adult will need to be present at the time of turn on. In addition, a $55 turn on fee will be added to your utility account.

Certification to Property Taxes

If your utility account is past due near the end of the calendar year, you are at risk of this balance being applied to and collected through your property taxes. This will affect a monthly mortgage payment if your property taxes are escrowed. 

Make A Payment

Please use one of our payment options to bring your account current.