Community Policing Sectors

The City is divided into six police sectors. Having sectors allows the police department to have more of a “customized” focus on each area; although many of the areas in the City face some similar issues, each also have unique issues. The sectors aid the department in addressing things such as repetitive traffic problems, criminal issues, ongoing disputes, and other areas of concern.

If you have a question or would like to discuss a matter of concern, whether small or large, please contact the Sector Sergeant assigned to your area:

  • Sector 1: Hudson Boulevard through 10th Street
    • Sergeant Nick Newton 651-702-5219
  • Sector 2: 11th Street through 20th Street
    • Sergeant Megan Kissner 651-501-5305
  • Sector 3: 21st Street through 30th Street
    • Sergeant Rolf Hagland 651-702-5216
  • Sector 4: 31st Street through 40th Street
    • Sergeant Steve Goodwin 651-702-5220
  • Sector 5: 41st Street through 50th Street
    • Sergeant Nick Newton 651-702-5219
  • Sector 6: 51st Street through I-694
    • Sergeant Nick Newton 651-702-5219