Forestry & Environmental Services Division


The Forestry Division is responsible for the trees on city property and right-of ways. Because of the highly proactive involvement of the Oakdale government in the promotion of trees, the city is a designated “Tree City USA.” Oakdale has also been recognized as a pollinator-friendly community.

The City Forester works on controlling and preventing tree diseases, and identifying hazardous trees. If you have a question about the health of your tree, email the city forester or call 651-501-5302. The City's forester is not a certified arborist; for more intensive tree issues, please select an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist at the Arborist Search website.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services staff preserve and enhance publicly-owned natural resources in the city, such as lakes and ponds, wooded areas, and prairies.

Nuisance Trees

Tensions mount when a boundary tree becomes a nuisance to a neighbor on one side of the boundary and not the other. The best advice is to try to work out the problem in a neighborly way, instead of taking your case to court. Disclaimer: The information included in these FAQs is intended to be educational, not legal advice. If you have a legal problem and require legal advice, please consult a lawyer.