Public Works Department

The Oakdale Public Works Department is comprised of five divisions:

  • Engineering: Responsible for design, plan preparation, and construction of streets, walkways, and utilities. Also traffic operations, right-of-way acquisition, grading permits, map preparation, and review and oversight of improvement projects.
  • Forestry & Environmental Services:  Responsible for the trees on city property and right-of ways. Environmental Services:  Responsible for preserving and enhancing publicly-owned natural resources, such as lakes and ponds, wooded areas, and prairies. 
  • Parks: Responsible for maintaining the city's parks, picnic shelters, trails, athletic fields, and city property and facilities.
  • Streets: Responsible for snow removal, sweeping, patching, and signage.
  • Utilities: Responsible for water towers, sanitary sewer systems, hydrants, and watermains. 
  2. GOALS
  • 116 miles of streets
  • 161 miles of sanitary and storm sewers
  • 1,497 fire hydrants
  • 13 sewer pump stations
  • 8 wells
  • 4 water towers
  • 1,548 street lights
  • 766 acres of parks, public land, and facilities
  • Tree inspection and maintenance
  • Emergency response for disasters
  • Assists with city events and programs