Fire Department

Oakdale Fire Station Headquarters located at 5000 Hadley Avenue

The Oakdale Fire Department provides services that include:

  • Emergency medical services including both basic and advanced life support
  • Fire code inspection and enforcement services
  • Fire investigation
  • Fire safety education
  • Fire suppression
  • Vehicle extrication and rescue operations

The combination volunteer and full-time staff provide 24-hour coverage and operate out of two stations, the headquarters at 5000 Hadley Avenue N. and a second station at 6633 15th Street N. Thirty four paid-per-call and 10 full-time crew members respond to over 2,700 calls each year.

Ambulance & EMS Service

Ambulance service is provided by the Oakdale Fire Department is an emergency service and staffed by firefighters. Depending on the situation, persons can be transported to any hospital; however, in certain instances, the ambulance is required by its medical director to transport patients with specific illnesses or injuries to certain hospitals that are equipped to deal with those specific illnesses or injuries. Whenever possible, the ambulance will transport to the patient's hospital of choice, provided such hospital is located in Saint Paul or in the east metro area. It is important to minimize the amount of time the ambulance and firefighters are out of the City and unavailable for responding to other emergency calls.

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