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Acorn Award

  1. Acorn Award Nomination Form

    When properties with great curb appeal catch your eye, please consider nominating the property for an Acorn Award!

Citizen Action

  1. Citizen Action Center

    The Citizen Action Center is a place where residents can submit an issue in their area.

Garage Sales

  1. Citywide Garage Sale Participation Form

    Oakdale's citywide garage sales are held each spring. Residents may submit details of their sale to be included in the listing and map... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Discovery Center Art Gallery Artist Submission Form

    Use this online form to participate in artist submissions for the Discovery Center Art Gallery.

  1. Oakdale Recreation Contact Form

    Do you have a question or comment for Oakdale Recreation?


  1. Vacation Check

    Please complete this form if you are going on vacation and would like the Oakdale Police Dept to check your house while your gone.

Public Works

  1. Park Maintenance Contact Form

    Report a park maintenance issue.

Utility Payment

  1. Establish New Utility Account

    Please take a moment to provide the information requested to establish your new water / sewer account.

  2. Terminate Utility Account

    Please take a moment to provide the information requested so we can close out your water / sewer account.

  1. Temporary Water Disconnection Request

    Extended vacancy and want to save money.