Businesses in Oakdale

Welcome to Oakdale!

Thank you for becoming part of our business community! We are confident that you will find Oakdale, and its many amenities, to be a terrific place for your business and for your staff. Although the City does not issue general business licenses, we strongly encourage you to touch base at your earliest convenience to provide your business name, address, telephone number, and when your business will open. This information will be provided to a member of the police and / or fire department and they will contact you to get more details on alarms, key holders, type of business, and whether flammable or hazardous materials are stored on site.

Your Business is Very Important to Us

This information is very important to the police and fire departments, here’s why:

  • When a safety (fire, water damage) or criminal situation is suspected at your business after hours, police and fire need to quickly and easily gain entry. Without alarm and / or key holder information, their only course of action is to enter forcibly through a door or window.
  • A fire inspection is conducted at every Oakdale business on an annual basis and information about your business is obtained / updated at that time; however, as noted above, obtaining the contact information as soon as possible might make all the difference.
  • The police and fire departments can provide you with crime prevention and fire prevention information and work with you on training opportunities on those topics for your staff.

Additional Resources

City staff is “at the ready” to answer your questions; provide you with information on loans and financing, workforce resources, and sustainability; help schedule a ribbon cutting event; and more! Thank you, in advance, for touching base with the City and providing important information about your business.

  1. Mai Xiong

    Licensing Clerk
    Phone: 651-730-2739