Mobile Food Vendor

The City issues licenses to persons wanting to sell food from a mobile food vehicle in Oakdale. 

Application Requirements

  • Mobile Food Vendor License Application (PDF) 
  • Food license issued by the state or county.
  • Payment to the City of Oakdale - Cash, check, Visa, Discover, and Master Card accepted. To make credit card payment, please call 651-730-2739
    License Type
    Temporary License (per day, per vehicle)$100.00
    Annual  License (per vehicle) $300.00

Licensing Process

Once a completed license application has been received by City staff, the application will be reviewed and a two-week long background investigation will be conducted.

License Term & Renewal

A Temporary Mobile Food license is valid for the day for which it was issued. 

An Annual Mobile Food license is valid from September through August of the following year.

Licensed annual mobile food vendors must re-apply annually by August 1.

City Code

View City Code on Mobile Food Trucks (PDF)